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Luigi's Restaurant

About Luigi’s

Luigi’s Restaurant is a locally owned and operated Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Luigi’s was opened in the late 1960’s by Fairfield resident Luigi Giansanti as a pizza palace. A couple of years later the Cavalli family took ownership of the restaurant. Current owner and chef Giulio Cavalli moved to Fairfield from Ripi, Italy to join the family business in 1976.

In 1978 a devastating fire burnt down most of Luigi’s Restaurant leaving just the main structure. As part of the rebuild Giulio and his brother, Gianni, installed what remains today the largest rotating pizza oven in town.

Giulio Cavalli, Owner/Chef

Giulio Cavalli is a self-taught chef. He first learned by watching others, including his mom, create fresh, homemade Italian dinners. He learned to use his passion for great food to infuse even the simplest of recipes. He believes one can not skimp on quality and must use the freshest ingredients to yield the best results.

Today, Luigi’s continues to serve tasty traditional Italian dishes, a family style menu and the best pizza around.

Giulio is a long-time Fairfield resident, husband and father. He has been working with his staff for many years and considers them part of his family. The friendly, welcoming staff and atmosphere makes customers feel at home the moment they enter Luigi’s Restaurant. It is no wonder Luigi’s customers have been so loyal for generations!

Giulio with his wife Lauren